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The purpose of Life Is to Matter;  To Stand for Something;

To Have It Make Some Difference That We Lived At All

…Leo Rosten

  We recently lost three of our beloved members. We celebrated their lives by remembering their friendship, their leadership, their generosity and their loyalty to our club and to Lions. Each set an example for all of us to follow. The purpose of Lions is to afford one the opportunity to fulfill this desire to make a difference in the lives of others. By doing so, we achieve one of live’s greatest satisfactions which is the joy one receives by giving and helping others.

  This coming year will present challenges that we, as a Club, will face. Recruitment of new Lions will be needed to maintain, grow and strengthen our membership; major events will require all to volunteer; new members in key leadership positions will require our support; we may need to seek new ways to serve our community; greater use of social media will be needed to communicate in this syber world; and larger donations will be required by the charities we support.

  We can do it! The key is PARTICIPATION. Let that be our goal! Let us all stand alongside our fellow Lions and actively work together to serve our proud club, our beautiful community and above all, people in need. So when our time has come, we too can joyfully say, “I loved being a Lion. My life mattered. I counted. I stood for something and I helped make a difference.”

Sincerely Yours in Lionism,

Pete Beck

President, 2015-2016

      Hot Springs Evening Lions