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Melvin Jones Award

Lions Honor Map Book Man and Golf Tourney Host Who Raised $$Thousands
Alton DeVille and David Howle Awarded Melvin Jones Honors

Hot Springs Village Evening Lions have presented Alton DeVille, right, and David Howle with the Melvin Jones Award, Lions highest honor for club members.  Howle, who raised $35,000 hosting five golf tournaments, holds a winner’s trophy, while DeVille, who headed the latest revision of the HSV Map Book, holds one of  5,000 newly revised copies which recently arrived from the printer and are now available at the POA office and several area retail stores.

HSV residents Alton DeVille and David Howle like relaxing with family and friends as well as anyone, and playing golf whenever possible.  In fact, when weather permits, Howle said he likes to golf three or four rounds weekly.
      But both men enjoy working on meaningful projects, and they still get a big thrill when their volunteer jobs are well-done and yield countless benefits for others.
 For example, DeVille invested several hundred hours last year in preparing the latest edition of the HSV Maps Guide for the printing press.  He has worked three years updating the new edition, which arrived from the printer last month.
 That map book, sponsored by the Evening Lions, is now available at several retail locations around HSV, as well as at the Property Owners Association Headquarters on DeSoto Ave.
 Working with his own map book layout for printing, DeVille had a painstaking job requiring that he crosscheck several hundred street names and additions, as well as changes in the POA’s  master map since the guide’s last edition. He also visited several area businesses to purchase some 100 advertisements, which offset printing costs of 5,000 copies.
 Meanwhile, Howle who also sold ads and did proofreading for the map book last year, once again helped fellow Lions raise thousand of dollars for charities that help the visually-impaired live more productive lives. Those fundraisers included pancake and hamburger dinners, White Cane Day, and an annual golf tourney.
 For five years, Howle and his friend, Ray Olds, co-chaired the annual golf event, raising more than $35,000. In 12 years as a Lion Club member, Howle has given leadership to some 50 projects that required several service days to plan and organize, plus contact sponsors.
 In 2009, Howle and DeVille’s longtime service to the Evening Lions was honored with the prestigious Melvin Jones Award, the highest honor for club members.
 Established in 1973, the award honors the memory of Lions Founder Melvin Jones, a Chicago businessman. Since then, 302,745 Lions worldwide have received the award, as of Dec. 1, 2009.
 “I was surprised to receive this award,” said Howle.  “I don’t believe I did anything special or deserve it more than anyone else.”
 Asked why he is a Lions Club member, Howle said, “Wherever Sherry and I have lived (Atlanta, Fort Smith, Memphis, Tulsa, and Dallas during 31 years with 3M Corp.), I’ve been a member of a civic organization. I like making new friends and enjoy the camaraderie of working with others towards a common cause.
 “With the Jaycees in Mesquite,Tx., I painted and repaired houses for Habitat for Humanity. And in Fort Smith, I worked with the Boys Club serving as a volunteer in its soccer, football and baseball leagues for youth, all encouraged by 3M, my employer.”
 As for the HSV Evening Lions, Howle said he great respect for people from a wide range of backgrounds coming together to volunteer service for a common cause.
 “No one is trying to impress others that they are special,” Howle said.
 DeVille and his wife, Barbara Dee, became Lions in 1999 at the invitation of a neighbor, Tom Cook. The DeVilles had moved to HSV in 1999 from Baton Rouge, LA.
       Since then, the DeVilles have worked on almost all of the Evening Lions 21 standing committees for various service projects and activities. They are also are working members of Village Chamber of Commerce committees.